March 29, 2023


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Intel Non-K Alder Lake CPUs Topple Overclocking World Records

The humble Intel Core i3-12300 is the world’s fastest quad-core processor as measured by its Y-cruncher benchmark time. The result comes not just from Korean overclocker Phantom K’s hard efforts, but also the fact that enthusiasts have recently found a way to unlock BCLK overclocking on all-new Intel Alder Lake-S processors, whether they have a factory unlocked multiplier (K suffix) or not.

Unlocked BCLK Non-K ADL-S Overclocking Recap

In case you missed it, overclocking aficionado der8auer this weekend shared two videos showcasing overclocking techniques that can be applied to non-K ADL-S processors, as long as your motherboard BIOS supports the ‘unlock BCLK’ function in its advanced settings. There aren’t many of these motherboards confirmed, but several within the Asus Maximus Z690 line seem to support it. We also have recently spotted the Asus Strix B660G, Asus B660F and the ASRock B660 Steel Legend. This is a developing topic, and we are sure more compatible boards will be confirmed in the coming days.