March 29, 2023


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The dark side of NFTs ignites controversy among gaming YouTubers

NFT theft is on the rise. Gaming YouTubers are having their likenesses stolen and turned into NFTs. Many popular YouTubers, including Alanah Pearce, James Stephanie Sterling and Caddicarus, have found their web addresses being sold on NFT marketplace OpenSea, and the ‘rights’ sold to the highest bidder. This would include all art and content of those YouTube channels.

Theft and copyright infringement is a dark side to the NFT boom. If you want to avoid scams then we have a guide to NFT drops that offers a guide to spotting a bad NFT. We’ve also rounded-up the most trusted NFT marketplaces to help you create and sell your art with a clear conscience.

NFT theft – who’s affected?

NFT theft

Influencers Alanah Pearce, James Stephanie Sterling and Caddicarus have had they likenesses stolen (Image credit: Alanah Pearce, James Stephanie Sterling, Caddicarus)

One of the accused NFT users is StakeTheWeb who appears to be creating NFTs of some of the web’s most-loved influencers, including James Stephanie Sterling who tweeted their annoyance: “Frankly [I’m] not surprised that some freeloading leech turned my channel into an NFT,” lashed Sterling. […] “I did not consent to this, I do not want this, and it demonstrates everything I’ve said about how disrespectful and exploitative this market is. Scum.”

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